Emergency Eyecare

Emergency Eye Appointment– We specialise in the diagnosis, treatment and management of eye conditions. Our Optometrist is highly experienced working within practice and at the Princess Alexandra Eye Pavillion.

We are Independent Prescribing which means that our Optometrist has undertaken higher accreditation that allows him to diagnose, manage and treat most eye conditions including any prescription medication if required. A service not found at most other Optometrists. We currently work with the Princess Alexandra Eye Pavillion and have experience dealing with any eye condition, no matter what complexity.

If you have an eye emergency such as
a painful red eye,
eye infection
itchy,watery or dry eye
a rapid change in your vision,
new flashing lights or floaters in your vision,
then it is important that you seek advice from your optometrist

We urge you to always make your optometrist your first port of call with any eye ailment. GPs do not have the specialist experience that we do.

Whatever the issue, be it a suspected eye infection, a scratch or just something you feel you would like checked out, please call do not hesitate to call. Same day appointments are available.

If you require any medication, such as eye drops for conjunctivitis or other minor infections, we are able to prescribe them for you, in the same way your GP would.